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Entering Canada as a an Actor or Performer with a DUI

The Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver have earned the moniker "Hollywood North" in recent years due to lower production costs, tax incentives, and the famous Toronto Film Festival which always draws big name talent. In 2011 the province of British Columbia recorded $1.26 billion in film and television production. Many films are filmed and produced north of the border, which means if you are an actor or entertainer you may be required to visit Canada for work. This also applies to musicians and other performers who may be required to do music festivals and performances that have Canadian dates. If you are involved with the entertainment industry and are traveling to Canada for work, be aware that having a DUI or DWI arrest or conviction on your record could result in denial of entry at the border or port of entry.

Even though you have a valid reason for coming to Canada, you will need to overcome your criminal inadmissibility and apply for special permission to enter the country. This special permission can be in the form of either a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation. If you apply for a TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation and are successful, then you can travel to Canada without risking an embarrassing or costly refusal of entry for DUI. Requesting permission to come to Canada when working in the entertainment industry is a favorable reason for being granted a TRP. The entertainment industry is an important contributor to the Canadian economy.

Are you an actor / actress / photographer / technician / film maker / agent / professional athlete / journalist / camera operator / tour manager / coach / trainer / roadie / stage hand / security guard? If you are working in the vast entertainment industry and need to come to Canada for work and have a DUI or DWI, contact our team today! We have the knowledge and experience to help you overcome your criminal inadmissibility and have helped many people in the industry who have DUIs on record.