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I was on my desperate time when I've lost my status as a foreign worker here in Canada, there are times that I am about to be in despair and don't know what to do, I've been out of status for almost 1year looking for a suitable company that who will provide me an LMIA, there are few company but still refuse to process lmia, I also try to search agency recruitment that can help me to remain my stay in Canada, I almost lose hope. One day I decided to grab my laptop and open google website and it came to my mind to search "the Best immigration consultant in Canada" and it started to appear your Company name (Akrami and Associates Immigration Law Firm), without any hesitation I grabbed my phone and called directly to the hotline, I explained briefly my status and inquire how will I surpass my case. After hearing the voice of Shabnam via phone my heart started to jump into joy, my mind was bright and light! There's still hope in this consultant agency, they told me that I could still have a chance to apply my restoration for visitor, without any doubt I decided to let them do the processing. And finally i already got my visitor permit! It was really overjoyed to me I wouldn't have thought that this will happening to me, by the helping me to process my visitor permit. I am grateful to this firm from the bottom of my heart for helping me all throughout to have my visitor being restored,and I will surely recommend this firm to everyone who was losing hope to continue their journey in Canada!

Cecille Saguban

We were in a no win situation with our customer who needed one of my employees in Canada to do some warranty work. We came across Shabnam and her firm by shear coincidence. She did an outstanding job of getting my employee's immigration issues resolved. She was very detailed and thorough and walked me through the process. She was always very prompt in responding to my questions. Her knowledge of the process and the "do's and don'ts" was invaluable. I would recommend Shabnam and her firm to ANYONE!

Scott Lovell

We recently worked with Shabnam and Giovanni to obtain a positive LMIA application. The team is always very professional and responds immediately to all questions. We could not have completed this process without the knowledge and expertise of both Shabnam and Giovanni who guided us every step of the way.

Laura W

Shab and her team have made my immigration experience as smooth as possible. I had a very difficult situation and needed to obtain a TRP in a short period of time. My entry into Canada was so much better than I expected. Shab and her staff were efficient, friendly, courteous and helped me to understand a number of immigration matters I was unsure about. They took the time out to explain all of the options I had as well as they answered all my questions. They work extremely hard and can help anyone achieve their immigration goals. I highly recommend using Akrami & Associates for any Visa/Immigration matters.

Kim Dahle

very responsive and wise immigration consultant. a++

Azeem Javed

Akrami & Associates helped me gain access to Canada on short notice and with a difficult situation (Recent DUII). Everyone was extremely helpful, patient and responsive. I especially appreciated Shabnam taking over a half hour of her time to talk me through all the details of what to expect at the Port of Entry. I would highly recommend Akrami & Associates for your Canadian Immigration needs.

Paul Meade

Shabnam and Giovanni were very helpful, and professional to work with. Shabnam's experience with all aspects of the process was invaluable, and her guidance was much appreciated. If you have any need to navigate Canadian immigration law, I can thoroughly recommend Akrami & Associates.

Hassan Mamdani

Dear Shabnam and Giovanni
I wanted to thank you in advance for you impeccable help in preparing for my admission in to Canada. My entry was better than I expected. Upon arriving at the immigration station in Victoria I was immediately brought back to secondary for further review. Although very nervous I had a feeling of confidence of entry due to your paperwork preparation and wording of stating my case for entry. I handed the officer my paperwork and he started to read your prepared statement on my behalf. After a few moments he took the paperwork to a back room to I assume discuss with a supervisor. 10 minutes later he returned with another officer and asked me some questions. "tell me what happened" he asked and I explained as in my written statement. I did exactly as you instructed me to do during our phone call. Then there was some clarification to what my job was and how often I would be needing to visit Canada. He went back to the back room for another 10 minutes and then again returned with his supervisor. He proceed to tell me that he and his supervisor have granted me the 1 year TRP and felt that I was a low risk to Canada. I was shocked! It almost went to easy! They actually limited the TRP to April 9th 2016 due to that was when my passport expires otherwise it would have been a full year. They had a new computer system which took them about 1 hour to prepare the TRP and when they were done both the officer and his supervisor shook my hand and apologized for the time it took prepare. I can even explain how happy I was as my career with my company was dependant on this and further entries in to Canada. Even though I know I'm not out of the woods yet, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your preparation of paperwork on my behalf. I was down to the last minute providing you with all the needed documents and you still came through like true pros! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I'm really glad that I picked your firm for my representation. I hope I can refer others to you in the future. No one deserves it more.
Kind regards Jeff

Jeff Hieber

I needed a work permit to accompany my wife to Canada; she needed a study permit. There were some legal complications regarding my wife's application and we were so worried about the process being so time consuming and a little vague. Ms. Akrami made everything so easy for us from the very beginning. She was refreshingly honest and never gave us any false hopes or promises. Everything was explained to us clearly and sincerely. Although almost all of our communication were via email, it felt like we did it face to face; the emails were answered almost immediately and efficiently. We are so pleased with the services and definitely recommend this firm to others.

hooshmand k

Shab and team have made my immigration experience as smooth as possible. I highly recommend using Akrami & Associates for any Visa/Immigration matters.

Jason Giampetruzzi

There are a lot of immigration lawyers working nowadays and choosing the right one can be a real nightmare. My husband and I searched for a good one for quite some times, It was so frustrating and stressful. However, after finding Shabnam Akrami & Associates, everything went smoothly and according to our time-limited plan. Shabnam knows her law and uses her knowledge in the client's best interest. She reviewed and revised every document we provided; we virtually did nothing. I know! It is a firm's JOB to do that. But believe me, not every firm take it upon themselves to do their job as completely. Applying for any kind of visa is a greatly stressful process; it is good to confidently rely on someone else's expertise and relax for a change. I recommend this firm to everybody. Thank you Shabnam and Thank you Giovanni.

Sraha Farokh

Hi Shabnam,
It was pleasure speaking with you as well. You definitely lifted my spirits. This whole US immigration process is so disheartening sometimes so thank you so much for your encouraging words.
I did receive the email and the documents. I'm going to check on a couple of things tomorrow and then will get back to you in short order.
Thanks again


I do want to thank you for your work, I'm more than happy with your services.

Selene R.

I got my visitors visa thanks to Shabnam. I just want to thank her and all the team for her hard work. They all did a very good job.

Lucy A.

Akrami & Associates was extremely professional and the most efficient legal team I have ever had the pleasure of dealing. They responded to my emails quickly, never missed a phone call and explained the process to me in such a way that anyone could understand, even me. Thanks to them, I was able to hire the workers my business needed mush sooner than I had ever expected. You can't go wrong with them.

Fahim S.

Reception was very nice and was sure to answer the questions he could but made sure I was taken care of by a rep at the firm. Shabnam was extremely helpful and I will be calling again when I am ready to proceed.

Salvatore M.

Shabnam, I wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication to me and my wife. Our new lives together are all thanks to you. Considering the unique circumstances that initially prevented her, I had lost hope. I will make sure that if anyone I know needs immigration help, I will be sending them your way. Again, I can't thank you enough.

Frank T.

Fantastic news, I entered Canada without a hitch. Once the guard at the border saw the package you had prepared for me, he took about ten minutes and handed me my permit. What I relief! I don't know why I ever tried this without you guys! Thank you!

Paul R.

We have used Akrami & Associates for all of our immigration needs. They have never let us down and we couldn't be happier. They took care of us from start to finish with little effort on our part. An excellent group of legal professionals.

Michael W.

Dear Shabnam, thank you for helping us with this very hard time. It has been a long time weight on my shoulders but now I can live free and happy with my family in Canada thanks to you. I finally have my papers and no longer have to be scared to live my life.

Angel Y.

Hi Shabnam, I received the work permit today. Thank you for everything. On behalf of myself, my wife and kids we want to wish you the same happiness you have worked hard to get for us.

Greg L.

Hi there, I just wanted to relay my sincerest gratitude for helping my husband get is Trp. We can finally spend some time together and it's all thanks to you. Please give my thanks to your entire team for me.

Samantha H.

Dealt with a couple of other firms, if they can call themselves that, and was met with nothing but disappointment. You and your team have renewed my trust and I am glad I took that chance on you. Sorry for being so sceptical in the beginning, glad you proved me wrong!

Larry P.

Thank you Shabnam Akrami forever. My children will arrive in Canada next week, will I let you know. I never dreamed of this day and my heart is so happy to have called you. You are an angel and you make my family again. All happiness to you and God bless.

Nancy B.

Fast, professional, accurate and legit. Shabnam and Akrami & Associates, you rock! I never had such an easy time crossing the border when I DIDN'T need any papers.

Tom E.

Friendly and quick service very customer focused. When I am ready to proceed I will definitely be going to them. Shabnam was extremely helpful and gave me the answers I was desperately looking for.

Howard K.

Shabnam and Giovanni, what can I say… you guys are awesome. Never expected that I would receive this kind of fantastic service. I will be recommending you guys whenever I have the opportunity.

Fred T.

From start to end, Akrami & Associates helped me get my work permit without issue. It began with a great phone convo that helped convince me that they were the answer to my problems. From there they coached my through everything I needed to do on my end and put together a great application which I am positive was in on small way responsible for my PR status today. Without their help, I most likely would not even be in Canada anymore. I couldn't be more happy.

Luke F.

Very kind and very knowledgeable people. Helped me fix my problems and very hard working. Shabnam Akrami is most intelligent and help me bring my wife to Canada though Canadian Immigration refused us. We are together very happy with services.

Salim A.


Being an extremely busy business owner, I needed a firm that I could trust to get the job done without me needing to constantly follow up. I had some bad experiences with previous lawyers who didn't work unless I made them. This was not the case with Akrami & Associates, it was more like me trying to keep up with them. They were extremely efficient and proactive, I never had to initiate a call or email with them once. I couldn't be more satisfied with the services I received and the fact that I finally found a firm I can count on.

Sam T.

Inspiring work Shabnam! I had a read through the submission letter you wrote and I must say that I was very much impressed with your legal knowledge and eloquence. Truly a good read. I am confident that Immigration Canada will certainly agree with such a compelling argument. I am eagerly awaiting the undoubtedly positive results of my application.

Francis S.

Shabnam works fast and was very thorough with our application and helped me understand the process from beginning to end. The positive results speak for themselves. Thanks for your commitment to our application.

Mary and Jordan R.

The process could not have been easier, I was expecting a nightmare. Spoke to other lawyers who made it seem close to impossible. Shabnam took the time to explain every step of the way with me and helped me gather the documents that I needed. This is the best experience I have ever had with a firm.

Brent F.

My dad applied for visitor visa but was denied. I tried for him and I was also denied. We keep trying but he was never able to make it. We called Akrami firm and she make application so easy. She explain to us all items that we needed and submit our application for us. My dad just got his visa and we want to thank all those who help.

Jose D.

Just a quick note to thank you for your help, even the officer at the border was impressed. Well done, you should be very proud of your work!

Louis S.

I want to thank Akrami and Associates for putting together my application and going to the end and back for me. After my application was messed up by missing documents Ms. Shabnam came in and put together all the pieces and made the application go through. She even took the time to follow up for me to check on my visa.

Rajith K.

Acquiring Akrami & Associates was one of the best decisions I ever made when trying to sponsor my wife. I had no idea how complicated it could get especially with the amount of documentation that was needed. They even helped me complete the forms and walked me through every step of the way.

Lee Y.

Shabnam, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service so far. Its only been two weeks and we are more ahead than I was in two years. I feel like I actually have a chance and my confidence has been restored. Thank you for taking on my case and not giving up as I was prepared to do. Your help means the world to me right now and I wanted you to know how grateful I am.

Mark S.

Shabnam, you did it! I thought for sure that once my visitor visa expired I would have to leave forever but your help made me stay. I am so happy that I can now study in Canada and you help me with this process. You saved me so much trouble!

Samir R.

Hi Shab, just wanted to leave you a quick note to tell you how grateful I am that you assisted me with me experience class application. I never realized how much was involved and it seemed so simple at first glance. If I had submitted the application I put together, for sure it would have been denied. Your expertise made all the difference. Thank you!

Claire G.

Hello, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who help with my file. You guys are all very professional and very respectable of me. I know that my file was not easy but you never give up and you help me more than anyone. Now I have my PR status and can stay in Canada with my family. I will never forget your kindness and hard work.

Jane G.

Hi Shabnam, I got my work permit in the mail. All is good. You and your team deserve a big pat on the back, well done. Me or my employer would never have been able to do this without you, I mean, we never even heard of an Lmo before.

Hank Y.

Thank you for reuniting me with my wife, I thought this day would never come. I do not know why Canada gave us such a hard time, wish I came to you first. Now she has her PR and we can resume our normal lives together. You have made our dreams come true. I am just so glad she is out of her country and safe with me and we have you to thank. We are extremely grateful.

Faizal R.

My time with you has been brief Shabnam but it has been one of the best experiences of I have ever had with a firm... You kept your word on the timing commitments and I was admitted into Canada for my conference without any issue. Having a history as I do, I never expect to be able to enter Canada again. You made that possible and I am extremely impressed with your services. Well done!

Edward M.

Hello Shabnam, I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my mother. We received her Supervisa in the mail and are very excited to have her join us and meet her grandson for the first time. You have helped bring our family closer together. My mother would also like to come by the office sometime to thank you herself. All the best to you and the team!

Raj T.

Hello everyone at Akrami, warm well wishes to you. We have received our papers today and will be planning our move and new lives in Canada, all thanks to your worthy services. If not for you, my husband would not have even understood his ability to apply as a skilled worker. Thank you for keeping our situation in your heart. Me and my family wish to thank you for all your efforts.

Thummala A.

My thanks to you and your team, Shabnam. My wife and I have just entered Canada and received our documents. I am now a Federal Skilled Worker ;) We couldn't have done this without you.

Ernesto D.

Hello All, we are on the way to pick up James from the airport. We are so happy to have him here with us and it would not have been possible without your dedication to our case. Wish we came to you from the get go, now we know better. We'll see you again in a couple of months or so when it is Martina's turn. Thanks again!

Grace R.

Greetings Shabnam, my wife just got her open work visa and is on the job hunt. Thanks for your quick and speedy turn around. You guys made this a breeze.

Paddy O.

Ms. Akrami, I would like to convey my sincerest gratitude with respect to my matter. It was handled with an efficiency and care I was not expecting. I am glad to see hard working and truly dedicated professionals still exist. Not only will I be recommending you to others, but I will never again look elsewhere for any immigration matters I may have.

Akshay K.